Conway and Young are a Graphic design studio, with a long-term interest in the relationship between people, environment and learning. Situated within the expanded field of Graphic Design, they produce a range of outcomes, which are process-led and respond to specific contexts.

Established in 2006 the itinerant and evolving studio, currently based in Bristol, was founded on the principles of friendship and curiosity. Work often involves collaborations with others and is motivated by design’s critical, social and political potential to activate space.

Selected collaborators, commissioners and funders include: Arts Council England, Leeds City Council, Bad Books, Bristol City Council, Brave New Alps, Cruel Design, Learning from Kilburn, The Hyde Park Picture House, Mexico, Metal, Arnolfini, Still Walking, The Culture Company, Ace Arts, Black Dogs Collective, Rad American Women, The Feminist Archive South, The Tetley and MMU Special Collections Library.

They are both senior lecturers on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Design at the University of the West of England. Both have a Masters Degree in Design and Art Direction, undertaken in collaboration, from the Manchester School of Art.